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Pretty in Blue - Blue Jasmine

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Do you believe in love at the first sight? Maybe that's what happened to me when i came to this place. It's Blue Jasmine, located near my ex-junior high school, SMP 19 Jakarta, across Taman Puring, Jakarta Selatan. So, it didn't hard for me to find the place.
I'm in love. I'm in love with the interior, with the hanging garden wall, the chairs, flowers and everything! The place is such an inspiration. Blue has never been my personal choice of color, but here in Blue Jasmine, i love how they put the blue ceramic all around, and how they put natural decoration, flowers on every table (and some corners). Pretty! And the service was reaaallly nice. :D

The place is divided into 2 sections, indoor and outdoor. Both are pretty. For you who love taking food pictures (or selfie), I'd recommend the outdoor section. Because, yea, we need enough lighting to get good pictures rightt? :P
Honestly, I had high expectation on their food, because i already blown away by their place. Let's see what i got. :D
Kerabu Mangga Manis Pedas - 47.5K
First menu, the appetizer. I'm a big fan of sambal mangga. So i ordered Kerabu Mangga Manis Pedas. I thought it's like sambal mangga in the first place, but when i read the description again, it's more like mango salad with spicy dressing. It's a salad not sambal. Don't expect it's gonna be super spicy, because an appetizer should not have to taste too heavy, like too much spiciness. You don't want to ruin your meal time by drinking too much water or wiping your sweat, do you? It has light taste, the mango wasn't too sour, the spiciness level was low. So everyone could enjoy.
Steak Wagyu Rendang Peranakan Style - 155K

This menu, caught my eyes. Steak Wagyu Rendang Peranakan Style. That's new for me. My boyfie loooves anything with rendang. Baked potato with rendang, nasi goreng rendang, of course this menu is perfect for him. For the meat, nothing special for me just but i love their rendang sauce. Yum!

Udang Goreng Mayonnaise - 85K
Next, my all time favorite, Udang Goreng Mayonaise. They came on a pretty plate and the size of the prawns were quite big. And this was my favorite menu here. I like the crunchiness, the sweetness of their mayo, and a little sour kicked from the sprinkled mangoes.

Chicken Satai Pizza - 95K

I would prefer savory pizza than the sweet one, but this savory pizza was different from the ordinary one. They put peanut sauce instead of tomato sauce, the toppings were grilled chicken meat and some veggies. Hmm.. honestly I still prefer the ordinary one, maybe because when it comes to peanut sauce, i'd like to add sweet soy sauce. In my opinion, I don't think the peanut sauce went well with the pizza bread. One thing that i like about this food was the thin crispy dough.
Nasi Campur Medan - 60K

I suggested Aulion to order Nasi Campur Medan. Maybe because when it comes to nasi campur, it must be consists of many things. And i know, eventhough Aulion has skinny body, his tummy has loaaad of space. Nasi Campur Medan contains of jasmine rice with chicken satai, beef rendang, tahu tauco and kering kentang.
Chrysanthemum Woflberry Tea - 38K

Since i am a tea person, so it's a yes for me to order hot tea (again). I love herbal tea, especially the one with flower, like chamomile tea or like this chrysanthemum. It's just simple, warming, and nice. Here in Blue Jasmine, the chrysanthemum tea came with woflberry, or goji berry. Lovely!
Yellow Canary - 38K &Purple Orchid - 40K

My 2 boys ordered cold drinks and i just make sure they picked the colorful one, so i'd be very happy to take picture of it. :)) Benazio ordered Yellow Canary, it's an orange juice with lychee, and canary (i guess it's like palm syrup). And Aulion ordered Purple Orchid, it's a violet coconut drink. I personally like the taste of coconut water with the violet syrup.
Great place, great food. Will come back for sure! Thanks for reading this article! Share and mention me at twitter or instagram if you like this. Also don't forget to follow us at instagram, twitter, youtube and google+. See you on the next post! :D

Operating hours :
11am - 10pm
Price Range :
IDR 400.000 for 2 person
Address :
Jalan Kyai Maja No.39, Blok M, Jakarta (across to Taman Puring, next to post office)

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